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We are extremely proud of our staff at Mick Easterby Racing. Every member of the team has a vital role in getting the racehorses to the racecourse. As we say there is no 'I' in team.

We have vast amounts of experience amongst our staff, from the administration through to our stable staff and work riders. We also employ specialist staff to train the younger horses. Of course we have access to top class vets, farriers and all the other roles vital to keep our horses happy and healthy so that they can perform at their peak on the racecourse.

Our staff are listed below and you can click the names to find out more. There is also a staff photo library so you can find pictures of each team member.

You can also view our jockeys here.

easterby Michael Easterby

Head Trainer

Read more about Michael here
easterby David Easterby

Assistant Trainer

Read more about David here
easterby Caroline Bartram

Assistant Trainer

Read more about Caroline here
easterby Dilys Sigsworth

Head lass

Read more about Dilys here
easterby Joanna Mason

Work rider and Amateur jockey

Read more about Joanna here
easterby Mark Cobb

Head lad

Read more about Mark here
easterby Matt Swarbrick


Read more about Matt here
easterby Nathan Evans


Read more about Nathan here
easterby Katie Midgley

Travelling Head Girl

Read more about Katie here
easterby Steph Easterby

Saturday Secretary, P2P Trainer and photographer

Read more about Steph here
easterby Cam Hardie

Jockey and work rider

Read more about Cam here
easterby Sarah Finch

Stable lass and work rider

Read more about Sarah here
easterby Wendy Jackson

Racing Secretary

Read more about Wendy here
easterby Jane Bedford

Stable lass and work rider

Read more about Jane here
easterby Janice Green

Stable lass and work rider

Read more about Janice here
easterby Jas Shaw

Stable hand

Read more about Jas here
easterby Jim Dent

Read more about Jim here
easterby Josh Quinn

Apprentice jockey

Read more about Josh here
easterby Maisie Sharp

Work Rider

Read more about Maisie here
easterby Michael Schofield

Work rider

Read more about Michael here
easterby Paul Till

Work rider and stable hand

Read more about Paul here
easterby Philip Lawrence

Work Rider

Read more about Philip here
easterby Serena Brotherton

Lady Jockey and work rider

Read more about Serena here
easterby Albert Easterby

Future jockey and racehorse trainer

Read more about Albert here
easterby Alex Bland

Stable hand (Saturdays)

Read more about Alex here
easterby Rich Clark


Read more about Rich here
easterby Harry Nelson

Yard Man

Read more about Harry here
easterby Spider

Stable lad

Read more about here
easterby Blue Spinnaker


Read more about Blue here
easterby Mick's Mousers

Pest control

Read more about Mick's here
easterby Patsie

Pest Control and Security

Read more about Patsie here

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