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Erniesmilkcart and Annabelle

Life After Racing: Erniesmilkcart

Wednesday 21 July 2021

Erniesmilkcart was bred here and was born at Norton Grove Stud. A stunning black foal he was known from the start as ‘Burtie’. He came into training in late summer 2019 and ran six times on the flat as a two year old in 2020. There were no problems with his attitude as he really loved to race, but he didn’t stay five furlongs. He was a trier to say the least, and could almost fly up the gallops but would fizzle out after a few furlongs. If there’d been a three furlong race he’d have been a champion because he was like lightning, but sadly the racing calendar doesn’t provide such an opportunity and the decision was taken to rehome him.

Here the story took an unusual turn, as Annabelle Burne had actually contacted us via Facebook before we’d decided to retire Ernie. She had seen him run and fallen in love with him and sent a message asking if he was available. Her timing was to perfection, and a few days later Annabelle came and met Ernie and he won her heart straight away.

Here Annabelle tells his story.

“Erniesmilkcart (AKA Bertie) arrived with me in Cumbria on the 2nd of December 2020.”

“He is 3 now and working really well at home. We are currently doing some inhand showing with him in hack breeding and young stock classes. He came 3rd out of 10 at his first show amongst a busy young stock class the other weekend. He handled it all so well and saw all types of horses from Shetland’s to Clydesdales! We have some more shows planned in August and September.”

“With the looks and attitude to match his conformation and movement I am really excited for our future together! Our aim for next year will be to carry on with the inhand and do some shows under saddle. I’m sure he will make a fabulous small hack.”

“But most of all he is a pleasure to own. I’m so glad I found Bertie and Bertie found me.”

Looking splendid, Annabelle and Ernie are regulars at the shows

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